Attract and foster world class research and educational opportunities that take advantage of our unique setting with saline soils, a desert climate, and a rich agricultural community.

About Us

With record droughts ongoing, and a growing world population that relies not only on fresh water but on the food that irrigated agriculture produces, ensuring that modern agriculture is as efficient and productive as possible is only getting more important.

A 160-acre farmer-operated research farm in Brawley, California is playing a key role in helping to make that happen.

Brawley is located in the center of Imperial County, one of the premier agriculture regions in the nation. In 2017, the farms of Imperial County produced more than $2 billion worth of cattle, hay, produce, grain, seed, and other crops. With precisely timed irrigation and an ideal climate, alfalfa crops easily average 8 or more tons per acre, lettuce and broccoli can be harvested during the Christmas break, and enough Durum semolina wheat is produced to supply the entire population of Italy with pasta for over a month.

All 120 acres of research plots are currently available for lease to private tenants conducting research on crop genetics, irrigation management, salinity tolerance and management, seed production and testing, agricultural chemical development, and much more. In addition, offices, labs, greenhouses, and coolers are all available for lease with flexible arrangements from simple land leases to full-service project management.

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